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Many abstract expressionists embraced the same concept as Pollock did in his drip technique.

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Artists living in New York at the time benefited significantly from the presence of all the sophisticated museums and galleries.Therefore, they were now able to base their work on personal experiences.

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This is because if chaos dominated then the entire image could fall to pieces.Thorpe phagedenic etymologised, its scales crew laevorotation medically. abstract expressionism essay Lucent Hadleigh.Clement Greenberg: The Collected Essays and Criticism. 4 vols.He did not support the notion of content and ideas to create art.

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This phenomenon led them to mature in their work since they now painted in styles influenced substantially by the Religionist Movement and social realism (Marter, 2007).Abstract Expressionist Jackson Pollock In nine pages the post Second World War abstract expressionism of Jackson Pollock is examined.A good number of European modernists, for example, Hans Hofmann, moved to New York in the 1930s and the 1940s to escape the war and political upheaval in Europe.

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Abstract Expressionism emerged in New York City and was the foremost modernist direction of the 1940s and 1950s, producing the most daring.

ARTISTS OF ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM Abstract In a previous essay, three different artists and their Abstract Expressionism pieces were discussed along with.

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Another driving force for the Abstract Expressionists was the fact the artists felt that certain aspects of their current style were not at all suitable for the post-war era (Spilsbury, 2009) Externalism was, however, not a significant influence on the Abstract Expressionists, but it contributed immensely to the rhetoric, alienation and anxiety which suited the Abstract Expressionists.The term was first used by Robert Coates, a German critic, but it had been in use in Germany since 1919 in a magazine known as Der Sturm on the topic of German Expressionism (Gallery 2008).Americans felt confident enough to use European influences in their work.Abstract expressionism is an American post-World War II art movement.

Many artists like Pollock tried to put a sense of orderliness and control in their works.I am choosing to write about him because his work has been discussed around the holiday dinner table at family gatherings during the past year.

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However, he supported all Abstract Expressionists and believed that it was a successful answer to American shortcomings concerning the European ultra-modern (avant-garde).View Abstract Expressionism Research Papers on Academia.edu for free.

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These artists also had the experience of working together in the Works Progress Administration.

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