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The gamblers, the young lady, and the narrator-referee adjourn from their pool-side setting to an upstairs hotel room, where a maid rather questioningly supplies the objects the South American requests.He drinks more than usual and rejects her sympathetic inquiries about his work as a detective.The narrator observes the conversation with only mild interest until he notices the arrogance of the ugly South American, dwarfish yet somehow given to the gestures of a much more powerful man.

The Chameleon Corporation Proudly powered by WordPress Weaver II Pro by WP Weaver.Within a short time, however, the baby demands such huge quantities of the food that the pleased father can no longer hide his secret.

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The mild-mannered Basil enjoys a triumph uncommon to most henpecked husbands.

In this characteristic reversal, she appears, at least to the narrator and the relieved soldier, a comfortingly normal deliverer, and her husband appears the embodiment of the morally grotesque.Once in the house, however, he perceives that something is wrong, and he prides himself on his heightened sensitivity, the result of having spent much time in the homes of others.Instantly killed, the detective falls to the floor with a crash that brings Mrs.

Beyond the simple surface of the stories lie the psychological complexities that fascinate his readers.When he opens his eyes, however, the ax appears still upraised, and the lady seems only gurgling with hysteria.

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The climactic scene occurs when Basil and the narrator reach the anxious pair.Are you looking for a similar paper or any other quality academic essay.The plot concerns a baby born to a beekeeper who experiments with the products of his hives.

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When he angrily announces that he will go out for supper, she unhesitatingly swings the leg of lamb high in the air and brings it down hard on the back of his head.

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Natalia furiously demands that Basil cut her free from the sculpture, and the butler soon appears with an ax and saw for his master to use.The final scene depicts the horror and the helplessness of the mother estranged from her husband and her child by a bizarre turn of nature that she cannot comprehend.

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The almost stereotyped situation of spending the weekend in a great house where mischief seems imminent gives succeeding events the quality of a gothic burlesque.

The butler also betrays his dislike for the lady of the house and offers the tip that she almost always overbids her hand, an important detail of characterization which will be fully realized in the climax of the story.When the beekeeper adds more and more royal jelly to the formula, the child gains weight and becomes cherublike in appearance.They show us the importance of appearance vs. reality, as they.

Indeed, the next morning the household seems more troubled than ever, and Basil behaves so strangely that the concerned narrator suggests they take a stroll around the grounds.

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The setting is Wooton House, one of the great stone houses of the English Renaissance, and it is the atmosphere of wealth, beauty, and ease that attracts the narrator, an ambitious newspaper columnist who visits Sir Basil.

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In this coursework I am going to compare to short stories which are Lamb to the Slaughter and the Landlady written by Roald Dahl.Yet his glimpse of her hand on the table provides the final ironic twist.

The soldier accepts the bet eagerly, partly in an effort to counteract the boredom of the long summer afternoon and partly to impress an attractive young lady relaxing near the pool.Maloney out of her state of shock, and she begins immediately to fear the consequences for herself and her unborn child.