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However, if marijuana was legalized and grown on government fields, they would grow it in very large amounts, using pesticides and chemical fertilizers to keep bugs away, grow it more frequently and in larger amounts.Organizations, such as the FDA, express concern over the harmful effects of the drugs and over the lack of solid research demonstrating that it might do more harm than good.People would began purchasing the drug just because it is available and no longer illegal.Perhaps you think of the nightly news talking about killings on the streets or maybe you think of those unforgettable meth ads on television and billboards.Medical marijuana is a growing research but not many are being funded because it is not worth the study due to the legality and damage towards the human body.We can even further it to legalizing recreational and industrial use nationally.Many think marijuana should remain illegal, but legalization would have much more advantages if it were legalized already.

The benefits of legalizing marijuana for medical purposes outweigh the cons.So how such thing is can be legal in the country but not drugs.It should be legal because it has few negative effects, it serves other purposes than getting people stoned, and it is better than other drugs.As the daughter of a deceased cancer patient, I have seen first hand the effects of chemotherapy, and how marijuana can be helpful in the comfort and recovery of a patient.

Our country has spent millions of dollars trying to enforce laws against the use of this drug.Marijuana is a narcotic or hallucinogen drug that comes from the female flowers of the hemp plant that is illegal in over seventy-five percent of the states in the.Law Research Papers on Legalizing Marijuana look at the complex issue of making a drug legal for medical use.While some of these arguments can be persuasive to many, I think that my following propositions on crime, health, and medicinal marijuana also provide a swaying argument.Well, there are many reasons against the legalization of marijuana and there are also many very good reasons to legalize it for medical and recreational use.Not only cancer patients can benefit, but many other patients of debilitating diseases.Although many people feel that legalizing marijuana would increase the amount of drug use, legalization would benefit for the following reasons: 1)reduction of money spent on law enforcement 2)increase in the countries revenue 3)lessen crime 4)useful in treating certain medical conditions.Best essay advocating the legalization and custom essays, washington drivers use of legalizing marijuana.The question should be how do the benefits of decriminalizing marijuana far outweigh the negative aspects.

As a result of this, drug-related street crimes have become more prevalent, which, in turn, has increased the number of offenders in prison for those crimes.Many people are not informed about the good effects of medical marijuana even though medical marijuana can help with a number of diseases and health disorders.Write a 500-750 word essay using argument as the chief method of development.That is more money than the war on drugs spent on all types of drugs three years before (Hardy).Preview of 3 Main Points: Today I am going to give you three informative points about marijuana and the legalization of it.The cannabis plant also produces three very important products that other plants do not, seed, pulp, and medicine.The issue of legalizing marijuana has long been a topic of discussion among state and federal government officials.In addition, the US Court has on many occasions illegalized the use and possession of marijuana, This has raised the arguments on legalizing medical marijuana in the U.S. on the one hand politicians and security officers fighting to illegalization of marijuana to prevent people from its negative impacts.

THC from marijuana activates these receptors, which can be used to treat several types of cancer.On the other hand marijuana cannot cause death from overdose due to being nontoxic.For custom writing help please visit - a college educational resource.

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With the legalization of marijuana how would driving high affect our society, would it be another issues since some of the side effects are slowed reaction time, paranoia, short memory loss.In his log he spoke of a plant that you smoked that made a man drunk without drinking.According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, approximately nine percent of marijuana users become addicted.Marijuana can be used to treat and prevent nausea and vomiting caused by cancer medicines.These results are sorted by most relevant first (ranked search).

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Arguments for an essay or speech about why marijuana should be legal.In fact, it would encourage the growth and development of substance abuse disorders, create risk factors for abusing more dangerous substances, and implicate both community health and community stability.

Marijuana use is on the rise, especially among teenagers and young adults.

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Cannabis use can be traced back to the Neolithic Period (10,200-4500 BC).The driver of this shipment was stopped by two men who were posing as police authority who were demanding him to stop his truck. (CBS News).College links College Reviews College Essays College Articles. Against Legalizing Marijuana. By, Boulder, CO.Although both statements are true, marijuana has not been endorsed by any of the major medical programs.