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In this case, Hardy shows his dissatisfaction with the social injustices against women.

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The character of Angel Clare is portrayed by Hardy as an ideal character with even more idealistic views.As a result, Alec takes her innocence just to satisfy his sexual vice.First, she suffers from the death of their horse, Prince, which she does not mean to kill it, but she is punished.

She blames her mother for not giving her forewarning on such issues.Her previous encounter with him at a dance reminds her of her naivety at the time.

He is a shady and opportunistic individual whose intentions towards Tess are selfish and self serving (Watts 2007).

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So she made a confession on the wedding night, which, was not accepted by Alec.This, on a degree, reflects her limitation caused by the deep-rooted traditional thinking.

It is her mother who she believes is the one gives her extraordinarily beauty and virtues.

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Her distinctive virtues are well unfolded: beauty, virtuousness, loyalty, industriousness and bravery.Get help with your Vancouver referencing with our free online tool.Once, they shared their carefree moment, and enjoyed being with each other.She takes each life on an equal level, holding the idea that each life should have the right of being respected, and her attitude towards life makes her a person with the purest temperament.All these things show that Tess can never forget her past, no mention to relieve herself from the heavy burden of her trauma.Later, when Angle comes back from Brazil, Tess finds Alec cheats her once again, she feels so intolerable with the hatred towards Alec that accumulated from the previous to the present and she finally kills him in the moment he slanders her with sharp words.This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.Setting aside her tragic destiny, it is she traditional thinking that makes her trapped.

His inappropriate and awkward reference towards her illustrates his ill manners and dark character.Angel, on the other hand, realizes the mistake he has done by leaving Tess and returns to seek forgiveness from his wife only to find her absent.Her parting words wishing her husband happiness is the only gift she can bestow to him before her death.She longs for his love so much that she is departed from her stand.She slowly recovers and assumes normality in her life, however it is short lived.Tess of the d urbervilles essay Taman April 30, 2016. Chapter i. Wordpress.

Also, in our country, there are so many researches and studies on this literature too.She is an innocent victim, but at the same time, her behavior makes her look like more than a victim.This to some extent can explain why Tess appears gracefully and distinctively all the time.She surrenders little by little, sacrificing all she has, and finally forfeits her life.Moreover, the social morality is tightly connected with the religious beliefs.Describe the relationship of Angel to his father, Reverend Clare, and Angel with his brothers.

This leads to their separation and his leaving for Brazil where he hopes to start a new life.Her defects, furthermore, mainly cause by the social environment and her miserable fate.Hypocrisy is sharply exposed by Hardy and he shows his deep sympathy for the lower classes.Tess grew up in Marlott, a tranquil village can be compared to a paradise.