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Warren Ellis has specifically stated that Transmetropolitan is basically him venting about his various opinions on politics and consumerism, with the main character being a sort of author surrogate.

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The island paradise gets tac-nuked into a wasteland, and only her Heroic Sacrifice keeps the entire world from being obliterated.What links here Related changes Special pages Printable version Permanent link Page information Cite this page Get shortened URL.

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An Alternate History Adolf Hitler (who became a writer instead of a politician) writes Lord Of The Swastika, a pulp SF adventure with a plot that mirrors the real-world rise of the Third Reich.Then, after that, it turns out various Terrorists and Insurgent groups tried to use captured aliens as a bioweapon, which escaped of course and butchered most of the Islamic fundamentalist movement in the Middle East.The incest taboo is implemented through the Westermarck effect,.Several other authors here are noted as having many of their tracts derived from hers.The save the environment aesop being essentially the point of the entire series.The Order also inspired a real life terrorist organization of the same name that is responsible for numerous deaths.

In fact, many of his books: starting with Jurassic Park, and going on from there.As a pedophile with a tiny penis who raped infants, of course.

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Christopher Paolini denies that this was a representation of his own beliefs, claiming it was simply an attempt to portray various cultures and viewpoints in the series.The Turner Diaries, written under a pseudonym by William Pierce, who was leader of the neo-Nazi organization National Alliance until his death in 2002.Categories: Trope Religion Tropes Wish Fulfillment Creator Standpoint Index The Only Righteous Index of Fanatics Author Tract.He liked challenging mainstream beliefs on society, religion, politics and pop culture, often in a deliberately controversial way.The Accidental Time Machine: The book contains rants about the evils of Christianity.In Chrono Trigger Crimson Echoes, King Zeal calling out Crono and the party near the end could qualify as this, given the context.

She wrote several novels expounding of the virtues of her personal philosophy, Objectivism, culminating in her Magnum Opus—the Doorstopper Atlas Shrugged.Though this is partly mitigated by it being a first-person narrative.Only Yesterday sometimes comes across as a tract about the importance of Japanese farming.Penn and Teller Bullshit is completely blatant about its skeptical and Libertarian agendas from the very first episode.Mass Effect Wiki is a comprehensive database for the Mass Effect video game series.

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The issue with the looks is somewhat taken care of in the live-action version, with the antagonists having a fair amount of attractive people, and Dr.Reverse sexual imprinting is also seen in instances where two people who live in domestic proximity during the first few years in the life of.Whether this makes the series impassioned and sincere or pretentious and pedantic depends heavily on who you ask.A supposed Japanese legend which states that star-crossed lovers are reborn as siblings probably has something to do with it as well.Be warned however, that some of that is also just Huey being Huey.Please consider pledging via Patreon to support me long-term.Then they read it, and decided that he never finished it for a reason.

When fans heard about it they asked for it and loved it, and it got published, much to his chagrin.Which may seem weird given the apparent setting, but there was a story in around 2000 or so that puts forth the idea that the setting was not prehistoric but rather post-Rapture.Also played with when the plot stops so that Mantis can rant against banning gay marriage.The Maximum Ride novels are one big Green Aesop after book three.The Arthur Hailey novel The Moneychangers has a recurring character to filibuster about how Gold is Good.Taking The Iron Dream as a model, we can then compare it non-Tract pulp and find the salient similarities (which are chillingly many).

Gustav Meyrink started out with a fairly decent, atmospheric novel, The Golem.These themes only begin to crop up later in the series: Faith of the Fallen is two-fifths desperate battles and Angst, and three-fifths clangingly obvious pro- Ayn Rand soapboxing on how individuals working for themselves in a free market works far better than your broken, inevitably corrupt socialism.Many modern action movies, including How To Train Your Dragon 2, are visibly trying to make their female characters more than trophies and.Four kids are punished for their flaws by karmic near-deaths, and the one perfect kid inherits a huge chocolate factory.Frank Miller has always been a little on the board about his politics in his writings, though they never have messed with a good story.

An entire story arc was dominated by the title character reinterpreting pretty much the entire Torah.Earth Maiden Arjuna starts out as a fast-paced mature Magical Girl series.The ending implies a romanticized view of suicide, as Carter abandons the Waking World, ironically in perfect opposite to the Aesop he was supposed to have learned in The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath.

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Many times the narrator will address the reader directly to push her down this logical path.Of course, if your unborn fetus was chirping at you about every stage of its development in a Chipmunk-esque voice, it might scare you, too.

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Pronunciation of Westermarck found 3 audio voices and 1 Sentence for Westermarck.Rosewater seems to be that society will not fall apart if the wealthy share their money with the poor.

See also Creepy Twins, Twincest, Not Blood Siblings, Kissing Cousins, Big Brother Attraction.It was a horrible wank-fest that he just had to get out of his head and shove it in a drawer.Alternatively, you can make a one-time donation using PayPal.For a scary note, a scene in which the Order blow up a federal building probably inspired the actions of one of its biggest fans - Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City Bomber.The incest taboo is implemented through the Westermarck effect, in that growing up in proximity at a young age (through approximately six years of age) renders it sufficiently likely that the persons are siblings, to trigger the instinctive aversion.And to which McVeigh may have had ties, according to Mark Juergensmeyer, author of Terror in the Mind of God - a book about religious terrorism.