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In comparison to the nobility and clergy the bourgeoisie and the peasants were taxed ridiculously high.A few years later in 1792, Maximilian Robespierre, the radical leader of the Jacobin party and the Committee of Public Safety, took control of France and executed king Louis XVI.When Louis XVI inherited the throne in 1774, he also inherited many problems left behind by the previous king, King Louis XV.However, there were some professionals, such as doctors and lawyers, who earned a good living and were in fact richer than some in the first and second estates (Hetherton).His relationship with France was complex, even from the very beginning of his life.

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Through land and tax reforms, revolutionaries decreased the national debt, and eventually were able to gain sufficient income to operate the country effectively.

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The main cause of this revolution was a dispute between social.The bourgeoisie consisted mainly of merchants and manufacturers, lawyers, doctors and others similar to those types of professions.The church collected a tithe which accounted for ten percent of all agricultural production, all of which was exempt from taxation.What were the causes of the french revolution essay. 20Th century essays, which is a good society during and download the end in 1789.The Third Estate was the most displeased and discriminated class.The Assembly wanted a constitutional monarchy, one that had equal rights for all citizens of France (8, 659-660).

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The country was torn apart by political and religious turmoil which had persisted for over a decade.The first estate consisted of the clergy of the Roman Catholic Church.It disseminated to the rest of the European continent during the 18th century (The Enlightenment Overview 1).

The Third Estate desired to gain support for equal representation, even though the nobles were reluctant to surrender their privileges.He helped stabilize the French economy and made the franc the highest currency in all of Europe at the time.During the Russian revolution there was a war going on between the red army and the white army, the civil war was also going on which cause many problems in Russia.As citizens unite with a common desire, the pride created can topple even the most controlling of regimes.

Some of these works also made it to the colonies in American and influenced them enough to bring out an uprising against England in 1775.Propelled by Enlightenment ideas, a rigid class system, and resentment with the monarchy, on this day the French decided to take matters in their own hands.In the events leading up to the Revolution, King Louis XIV of France had continually put problematic matters off until they called for immediate action.

One event that Robespierre was responsible for was the Festival of the Supreme Being.Only a year before Napoleon was born, Genoa had been forced to sell Corsica to France.The motivators pushing French citizenry toward revolution are varied in scope and origin.Statements of grievances were sent from all over the French state, which called for abolition of the tithe along with limitation of church property.

Many other factors played key roles, but the three mentioned are the most apparent and possibly had the largest impacts.The slow increase of available money allowed for new opportunities and the growth of the economy.When the financial situation in France took a turn for the worse, King Louis XVI called a meeting of the Estates-General to decide on how best to tax the people.Louis XVI gave so much financial support to the armies, he was constrained to raise taxes on the nobility leading to economic issues because the government was bankrupt.What began as a dispute between the people and the monarchy quickly turned into a violent and demandingly rapid movement to change the government that was more representative of the people of France.

These people belonged to their explicit social classes in France, which is the basis of the novel A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.Amidst this period, Republicans took control of the French government from the King and later on The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen was instituted to provide protection for its people.In the years before the revolution citizens were rigidly constrained by the estates of the realm.

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The nobles were economically stable due to their extensive land wealth.So because of this unfair treatment and their knowledge of enlightened thought, the Bourgeoisie sought to put an end to the classes and their lack of representation by forming the National Assembly.However, the Enlightenment encouraged people to be skeptical about divine right that institutions claimed to have (Enlightenment, Its Origins and the French Revolution 15).The commoners of France wanted change and equality throughout France so they separated from the Estates General and formed their own government to govern France.Consequently, Napoleon betrayed the ideas of the French Revolution: Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.