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One important reason is that they want to legally show their love for each other by having a marriage license.This of all the issues would help to shape the decisions of both sides of the issue.Many people in the United States find it necessary to have both sexes in the upbringing of a child to give a sense of balance, while others believe that gay couples have a more stable relationship which in return gives a child a feeling of security. However it.

Homosexuality is one of the three main categories of sexual orientation, along with bisexuality and heterosexuality, within the heterosexual-homosexual continuum.Ethics, or moral philosophy, investigates how we can evaluate our behavior in terms of right and wrong, good and bad.Currently one specific controversy comes to mind in consideration of gays, and that is gay marriage.

Specific Purpose: to persuade my audience that we should allowed gay in military because not only straight that have enough.Nine states in the United States have voted yes and legalized gay marriage, including Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Iowa, Washington, Maryland and Maine.In most states, homosexuals can adopt children like any other married or single adult.The biggest problem I find with the whole thing is the problem is not just fought by words, but also by physical means.

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It seems like the most effective of these trials has to be the hit television show Glee.Women and men are also being abuse in heterosexual marriages.Over the past several decades, progress has been made in furthering LGBT rights.

Research has proven that Gay - rights advocates have been working for decades to secure matrimonial. rights for same-sex couples.When the Due Process Clause fails to defend same-sex marriage, the Equal Protection Clause is put into action.These are the traits that normally are classed with someone who is homosexual.Gay marriage has been one of the most debated social issues in the United States for a very long time.Secondly, the question of whether gays should be able to adopt children is also a problem.Research paper on gay rights - Best Student Writing and Editing Assistance - We Provide Affordable Assignments For Students Reliable Essay And Research Paper Writing.Two teenagers, Constance McMillen and Derrick Martin are facing this battle as they try to bring their date to the senior prom.Yet, same-sex marriage continues to be a highly debated issue that leaves our society searching for answers.

It seems like a trip to the supermarket is never complete without a magazine or commercial on the radio advertising gay pride.For women it was the inability to vote as well as being treated as an equal to men.

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Such legacies are abundantly evident in parts of the world where indigenous and pluralist religion have remained unhindered, such as on the Indian subcontinent where hijra (male-bodied female-identified individuals) are seen as harbingers of good fortune and curses and perform ceremonies at weddings and births.They were born here in the United States, they are citizens too, that does not make them aliens and make it moral to take away their rights.They do not know what to think of it, this couple is much different in their eyes, something they are not use to seeing in their community until today.The controversy is caused because of these two different philosophical views.Gay Rights Essay.There is not a single piece of history that determines whether or not same sex marriage is right or wrong.In the past decade, 31 states put to a vote the question of whether or not gay people should be allowed to get married. 31 states have put those minority rights up to.

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For the past thousand years, marriage has been recognized as the social union between a man and a woman.Marriage was believed to be the union of two people based on love.

There have been hundreds of court cases to try and resolve the issue, but still no decision.

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Gay families have developed and are perceived today that raising kids without both a Mom and Dad, deprives the child from being introduced to both worlds.As a gay man, I found myself disappointed with this definition -- that anyone with any sort of moral reservations about gay marriage is by.Whether it is gay students, friends with gay parents, gay clubs in public schools has been a controversial issue for many years.Lastly, each one of these issues of controversy has its good and bad points.Gay marriage should be legalized because it is uncivilized and unmerited.

Lesbian and gay marriages is a very controversial issue nowadays.They forced his spouse to leave his side once visiting hours were over because they were not technically married, and there are many more recorded cases of such travesties.She directs these arguments towards other people of faith and others who are against gay marriage.The subject should not be taken lightly and should require most some serious thought as to which side they choose to be on.This statistic makes it evident that homosexual marriage is as successful as heterosexual marriage.

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By that logic, a bisexual and a polygamist can make the same case.

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However, even though gay marriage is, in most cases, portrayed positively by the media it is still a source of major debate.But, sadly, we have neglected to see that homosexuals are in a very similar position today.Research concerning homosexuality emphasized the etiology, treatment, and psychological adjustment of homosexuals.