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Gwendolen, learning from her mother, is totally self-absorbed and definite about what she wants.

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There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you.This historial context also proves that this play can only act in a hierarchical society where there is a division between the upper and the lower class.

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The Importance of Being Earnest essays While reading the play The Importance of Being Earnest, one serious theme that I noticed was the consistent act of.Wilde uses this to continuously make fun of women to the extent where feminists would argue that he is misogynist.Even using the name Ernest for his secret life is ironic because Algernon is not being dutiful — earnest — in living a secret life.The Importance of Being Earnest Summary. Read the full answer at.Canon Chasuble is the symbol of religious thought, and Wilde uses him to show how little the Victorians concerned themselves with attitudes reflecting religious faith.

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Because Victorian norms were so repressive and suffocating, Wilde creates episodes in which his characters live secret lives or create false impressions to express who they really are.The aristocratic Victorians valued duty and respectability above all else.While concerns of the next world would be an appropriate topic for people of this world, it seems to be shoved aside in the Victorian era.Considering some of the mentioned topics in the play, we can relate them to some of the world political issues that have been incorporated into history and still prevails today.Oscar Wilde felt these Victorian values were perpetuated through courtship and marriage, both of which had their own rules and rituals.

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Considering world historical contexts of this play to show continuities and changes over time, the importance of earnest is a comedy of manners that is derived much less in a specified history.Linda Senior Lecturer in Economics, Essay UK Researcher Team.

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Perfect for students who have to write The Importance of Being Earnest.For example Wilde portrays Cecily and Gwendo-len as love sick to the point where they are manipulated by the men they are in love with but are still quick to forgive them.When lady Bracknell hears of the sudden death of imaginary Bunbury who died in the explosion, she says that she was not aware that he was a victim of revolutionary outrage.

The play normally bases on the dominant members of the society.Earnestness — a determined and serious desire to do the correct thing — was at the top of the code of conduct.

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In this context, the whites considered themselves as the upper class part of the American society.The importance of being Earnest is a satire by Oscar Wilde where being earnest simply means having the name Essays Related to The.Get help with your Vancouver referencing with our free online tool.The main themes that the play bases on are love, identity, marriage as well as money.

Therefore, the upper class did not allow any form of association with the lower class.Cecily on the other hand is another representative of the upper-class and is indeed a better specimen than Gwendolen.

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The Importance of Being Earnest Essay 2 February, 2015 A Morally Ambiguous Character in The Importance of Being Earnest The playwright.To the Victorians, reform means keeping the current social and economic system in place by perpetuating upper-class virtues and economy.Again Wilde criticizes the Victorians for believing that appearance is much more important than truth.There are three women representatives of the upper class, and each has been portrayed in a satiri-cal manner.The Importance of Being Earnest written by Oscar Wilde is a social satire, using irony and.Lady Bracknell has usurped the traditionally masculinity role of dominating the household and granting permission for Gwendolen to marry Algernon.Very early in Act I, Wilde sets up these secret lives, and they follow through until the final act.Satire is defined to be the use of humor to ridicule faults and vices.Dramatic Irony in The Importance in Being Earnest. Transcript of Dramatic Irony in The Importance in Being Earnest.