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Drug abuse is a problem that is not alone with it there are various problems that pose a threat for any country.We can fight with the problem of drug abuse and the first step towards this is right education and awareness.In a way, drugs become the sole source of gratification for the person who has chosen them as a support system.

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When a person during his early adulthood and adolescence is in the look for his self identity, he begins to take drugs under peer pressure.A journey is when one has experienced a dramatic transition in their life, which as a direct result has changed them physically, mentally or emotionally.

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Drug addiction — Learn about symptoms, causes and treatment of dependence on legal or illegal drugs or medications.Besides, alcohol taken by pregnant women may cause health problem to babies.It has been generally seen that youth is the most vulnerable lot of drug dependence.It is used medically as an anesthetic and as an illegal drug.

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Usually addicts find numerous excuses for their behavior and they do not understand the core of the addiction problem.

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This is why students prefer writing on controversial topics, which make readers think more about the issue, its causes, and consequences.

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When you sent me the paper, I thought that some instructions were overlooked.Since in very early age, more values need to be inculcated in children, they should be taught to develop good hobbies to spend time happily and meaningfully in good company.The Essay on Cocaine Drug High Effects. or prolonged use can trigger paranoia.

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Trying Marijuaana in high school or early stages of life can lead to an addiction that can ruin your life.