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Noise produces negative effects on reading, motivation, school performance and social and emotional development.

There are many different ways to contaminate the following topic: sound, why.

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Road traffic, jet planes, garbage trucks, construction equipment, manufacturing processes, lawn mowers, and boom boxes, are among the audible litter that are consistently broadcasted in the air.Get paid up to 50 dollar per article, short essay on noise pollution in india:make money today.Hearing impairment eventually leads to depression, impaired performance at school and job, loneliness, isolation, impaired speech discrimination and limited job opportunities.

In addition, the management should practice job rotation to reduce the impacts of noise exposure on workers at particular noise areas.Noise pollution can endanger life by obscuring shouts for help.High levels of noise affect the ability to comprehend normal speech and may cause handicaps, disabilities and behavior changes (Field, 1993).

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It has also been discovered that language development and learning is significantly diminished in noisy homes (Kierman, 1997).Regular servicing will help ensure that their noise levels remain within the right threshold.Noise Pollution (200 words) Noise pollution is the pollution caused by the high and unsafe level of noise in the environment causes lots of health disorders to the.Noise Pollution Essay 5 (300 words) There are various types of pollution in the environment, soil pollution is one of them and have become more dangerous to the health.

In working environments where noise is inevitable, the use of protective gear should be emphasized to minimize the levels of noise exposure (WHO).Essay on noise pollution - receive the required report here and forget about your fears Let professionals accomplish their work: receive the needed assignment here.

It has been established that exposure to noise levels of less than 75 dB is safe and do not cause hearing loss regardless of the duration of exposure.

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During the last twenty years there has been increasing concern with the quality of the environment.Research has found that noise pollution causes short-term and long-term impacts to the nervous and endocrine organism of both humans and animals.

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For example, the sound of a tap dripping in the middle of the night can be more disturbing than the sound of falling rain.Noise pollution causing deafness World became more and more civilized during past centuries and noise pollution became a serious.

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Police and civil administration should be empowered to facilitate their work of checking noise levels.

NIHL can be caused by a one-time exposure to loud sound as well as by repeated exposure to sounds at various loudness levels over an extended period of time.Noise, in relation to sound, may be defined as the sound made by rule less shaking of objects in physics, or it could also be defined as any unwanted sound which annoys people in environmentalism.

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Some examples of sleep disturbances are complexity when sleeping, awakenings and shift in sleeping phases as well as sleep depth.When constructing a home, it is also advisable to use sound proof wall materials, windows and doors to block unwanted sounds from outside.Protection And How To Control Noise Pollution Environmental Studies Essay.Article shared by: Essay on Noise Pollution: Sources, Effects, Prevention and Control of Noise Pollution.Noise pollution or noise disturbance is the disturbing or excessive noise that may harm the activity or balance of human or animal life.

This option gives you the immediate access to all 184 988 essays.Article shared by hugh hardinour site: it can escape the ancient quiet lost in the work written in today.The soundproof materials prove very helpful in crowded residential areas.Causes of noise pollution include traffic, aircraft, rock bands, barking dogs, amplified music, television, garbage trucks, and noise from neighbors, voices, alarms, and watercrafts.