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The reliability aspects will also be quite sensitive, as the employees are not likely to express their opinion in a candid manner against their organisation.

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The source of printing means of secondary data for this research articles, journals, academic books, magazines and concern organization website.Qualitative Research: Grounded Theory: Advantages and Disadvantages. Researchers need to be skillful in using grounded theory methods.

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The main disadvantages of this method are: it may be costly, raw data, huge volume of population, large volume of data and time consuming.The findings from quantitative research can be predictive, explanatory, and confirming.Uses a static and rigid approach and so employs an inflexible process.Our Marking Service will help you pick out the areas of your work that need improvement.It can provide information about program stakeholders who were overlooked initially.

Advantages of Observation: (1) Simplest Method: Observation is probably the most common and.Adopting the case study approach to the research is very useful in this research study because conclusions based on data collected.To understand the use of statistics, one needs to know a little bit about experimental design or how a researcher conducts investigations.SmartPoint Research offers a variety of qualitative research services, and is backed by a strong team of marketing research professionals.What is Qualitative Research, The advantages and disadvantages of Qualitative research - Qualitative research is about exploring issues, understanding the phenomenon.In comparative approach, the researcher examines the relationships between the variables.

Descriptive research involves identification of attributes of a particular phenomenon, where as experimental approach deals with investigates the treatment of an intervention into the study group and then measures the outcomes of the treatment.

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A total of seven interviews will be carried out to obtain primary data.Historical method comprises the techniques and guidelines by which historians use.Furthermore, the consistency factor will be quite low, being based on personal observations and perspectives, therefore the repetition of the same study may not yield the same results.


It has a very low reliability in that it is extremely difficult to replicate a piece of qualitative research due to the fact that it does not have a structured design or a standardized procedure.

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In coding procedure actual meaning of the data may lose or disconnected.

The primary data is the type of data which is collected by the researcher for the specific purpose of answering the problem on hand.

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The advantages of interviews with concerns people that the interviewer can ask lots of questions, at the same time, questions may be more complex in nature because they can be cleaned with indistinctness during the course of the interview, however, also disadvantages, especially when the respondent is affected by the interviewer (Denscombe, 1998).Secondary data come from studies previously performed by government agencies, trade associations, chambers of commerce and other organizations.This provokes a question of whether the research actually measures what the researcher claims it does.Merging Qualitative and Quantitative Data in Mixed Methods Research:.

We can say that it is difficult to fit grounded theory in our subject area because of data compulsions and varying defence expenditure of all countries in the world.Qualitative research uses the natural setting as the source of data.Fricker, Jr. and Matthias Schonlau RAND E-mail and Web surveys have.

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Thus, research can be argued as a systematic and well planned investigation for the purpose of exploring answers to various questions.Learn more about case studies in the Boundless open textbook.Methods, if explained in detail are generally very easy to replicate and so have a high reliability.

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