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Psychology research methods can be relatively simple or very complex, but there are a number of terms and concepts that all psychology students should understand.

Counseling Psychology is a specialty within professional psychology that maintains a focus on facilitating personal and interpersonal functioning across the life span.

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American Sign Language: manual-visual language system, including gestures, used by hearing-impaired individuals in America.Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.Validity is the extent to which a test measures what it claims to measure.

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Basic research is a type of research that involves investigating theoretical issues to add to the scientific knowledge base.

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The dictionary and glossary also includes a short biography on all theorists that have been referred to in the dictionary.

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Researchers will vary one or more independent variables and then measure the dependent variable or dependent variables to determine if there were any changes as a result.

The definitions and concepts cover a wide range of terms, concepts and theories related to psychology and mental health.This resource was created to help students and others everywhere.Psychology Dictionary. A. abnormal psychology:. this is a general term used to refer to any behaviour that harms or offends another person.Antonyms for Psychological terms. 18 synonyms for psychology: behaviourism, study of personality, science of mind.

By this social psychological definition, one can be socially assertive without being aggressive. social psychology.

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Confused by the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist.We are particularly looking for Chemistry and Physics tutors.Within social psychology, is largely remembered for defining the authoritarian personality (characterised by intolerance of ambiguity, prejudiced attitudes and conformity to authority, with an emphasis on the influence of childhood experiences and internalisation) and the subsequent development of the F-scale (a measurement of the authoritarian personality).Choose the initial letter of the term you wish to visit and click on it.

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ACTH, in turn, triggers the release of corticosteroids (another type of hormone ).

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We help children develop self-confidence, and prepare for their school assessments.Have a look at our Summer Camps and Courses in the UK and Hong Kong 2016.Welcome to possibly the most comprehensive psychology and mental health sciences related dictionary on the internet for students.Psychology is the study of the mind and of thought, feeling, and behaviour.

However, the use of non-human animals has raised a number of ethical and moral questions.

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A glossary giving definitions of common psychological terminology.Adorno (1903-1969): was a philosopher, sociologist and composer.

Anterograde amnesia refers to the inability to learn and remember new information after brain damage and retrograde amnesia refers to the loss of memories from before brain damage.

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ITS Tutorial School is aiming to provide a content rich portal that will be of aid to both educators and students worldwide.Psychology Definition of ANIMISM: 1. a belief that all natural things, for example, volcanoes, clouds, and trees possess living spirits and souls. 2. a belief that...Modern psychology, it may be, will endeavor to reduce these alleged necromancies within a system, instead of rejecting them as altogether fabulous.A school of psychology that explains all mental and physical activity in terms of response by glands and muscles to external factors (stimuli).

General Psychology Terms. psychological universals - psychological processes that operate in all individuals, such as learning, perception,.Correlational studies are used to look for relationships between variables.The psychology terms explained in the following article would definitely help one get into the psyche of different concepts of psychology.Source: (Psychology Teacher Network, Sept. - Oct. 1996) References McLeod,.A psychologist is a professional who evaluates and studies behavior and mental processes (see also psychology).