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Torvald preferred to a certain extent to have a make believe marriage, for the sake of appearances, rather than an annulment or an amicable separation.

Women were considered property of men and they had no say in any important matters concerning family and other issues.Men ruled and governed most of the humanity throughout the world, including the civilizations in Western Europe during the Victorian epoch.

In this essay, I will be analyzing how the writers present women and the problems that they face in two different societies in two different parts of the world.Their opposing opinions are based on different outlooks regarding various aspects of their lives.A doll house by Henrik Ibsen is a modern drama whose characters fail to understand who they really are.

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It's big enough for a few little ones to play...Registered office: Venture House, Cross Street, Arnold, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG5 7PJ.But even so, the careers open to women were constrained and hardly paid enough.The only course that their lives could take was to get married and have children as soon as they finished their school.

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When Krogstad threatens to reveal the truth about the forged signature, Nora begins to slightly panic.

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He thought that women had a right to amplify their own distinctiveness, but in reality, their function was habitually self-sacrificial.However, these two books both paint a gloomy picture of the way in which women were placed in society and treated by the people around them despite being written almost a century apart.Assess the extent to which sociological arguments and evidence support this view of religion in modern society.

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Aissatou is however a rebel and goes against the societal norms and Ramatoulaye gradually realizes she cannot look to her culture for much.The specific problem of this drama deals with the difficulty of maintaining an i.The females in his theatrical production were trapped in diverse quandaries, and they were forced to make vital and strategic decisions in order to persist with their lives.When Torvald says that he will not take the blame for Nora, Nora realizes that her husband is a completely different person than she thought he actually was.This is one of the factors that influenced the way she looked at life compared to the older women of her time.

Even the children that she conceived were considered property of her husband.They could divorce, but it carried a communal stigma not only for the woman, but also for her spouse and family.I thought it great fun when you played with me, just as they thought it great fun when I played with them.The audience loses the sense of Nora as a child and starts to see her more as a risk taker and independent.

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Nora seems childish always asking Torvald for favors instead of sharing the equal communication that couples would normally share.Another interesting house that SORELY needs floor plans to tie it all together, hard to know where ANY of those rooms fit in the house,.

Nora now begins to question how moral her decision actually was.All papers are written from scratch by only certified and experienced writers.You are able to control the progress of your writing assigment.They get married and go to their nuptial homes.Here they have to live under the thumb of their husbands and meekly take on whatever is thrown at them.They are both caught in the same situation as they are both victims of their husbands marrying other women and hence engaged in bigamy.Besides, she sees herself blessed to get her lowly job, given that she has committed the sin of having a child out of wedlock.Several events have taken which has leaded her into a position that.

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